Dedicated to serving individuals and families in their journey of recovery!


Phoenix Recovery Bali

is a rehab program based in Bali dedicated to serving individuals and families in their journey of recovery from alcoholism and addictions. By providing support, tailor-made recovery treatment and guidance through recovery coaching, Phoenix Recovery Bali ensures the best possible outcomes.

Come and recover in beautiful bali

Bali also known as the Land of the Gods. A truly breathtaking  tropical island situated to the south of Indonesia. With year round sunshine, white sandy beaches  and crystal blue waters Bali truly is a magical place to recover.

Once you arrive in Bali our team will be there to welcome you at the airport and drive you to your accomodation, you will instantly feel and see the warmth and smiles that are bountiful on this beautiful island, a haven for spirituality and culture our island is rich in stunning rice paddies, glorious sunsets combined with the sweet smell of incense and stunning holy temples.

The laid back relaxed lifestyle and easy pace means that life slips happily along here, abundant in activities such as yoga or diving, surfing or the many holistic therapies on offer,  we can arrange a schedule that includes much needed fun and down time to your recovery journey.

There is a huge spiritual essence here that cannot go unmentioned, the energy  is intoxicating, many say magic happens here… We are absolutely testament to that, with a mainly Hindu presence, daily you will see the Balinese prepare and bring their offerings to their temples and monuments dotted at every house shop and pathway, observe as they bring gifts of flowers, incense and holy water, watching as they pray over and bless each offering, couple that with their passion for lavish ceremonies full of costume and gamelan (Balinese instruments) that parade frequently through the local streets and you can’t help but be hypnotised and inspired by their passion for a life lived in love and peace. We hope you choose to find your recovery journey with us here in Paradise where miracles really do happen we truly believe that to allow yourself to be placed in an environment that is both, tranquil, peaceful and inspiring coupled with warm, fragrant and visually stunning you are giving yourself the best chance at being able to relax into and feel open enough to recover in peace, I think you deserve that, don’t you?

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Phoenix Recovery Bali

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Our philosophy also includes meeting an individual and family where they are in their journey, this promoting ownership and involvement in the recovery process. We believe in developing programs tailored to each individual based on their particular needs and beliefs.

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