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An Alcoholic Nose – Why Do Alcoholics Have Big Noses?

An Alcoholic Nose – Why Do Alcoholics Have Big Noses?

Why do alcoholics have big noses? This is one of the stereotypes related to alcoholics. Generally, alcohol abuse can lead to serious health problems. The alcoholic nose is one of them. Thus, seeking help is highly recommended if you or your loved one is having this issue. 

Attending an alcohol recovery program or rehab will help to get rid of the addiction and improve the overall health. In this article, we have something to explain to you related to alcoholism.

An alcoholic nose in a nutshell

The alcoholic nose is a term to point a red yet bumpily swollen nose appear on a drinker’s body. Besides the nose, this condition also affects cheeks. The alcoholic nose is a skin disorder and we call it rhinophyma or rosacea. Rosacea, on the other hand, is associated with facial skin’s inflammation. It commonly shows up as broken blood vessels that make red and bumpy on the facial skin of older adults.

Rosacea won’t develop rhinophyma until years or if it gets a proper treatment immediately. However, when rhinophyma has appeared, it may require surgery to eliminate large bumps. Why do alcoholics have big noses?

Alcohol abuse and rhinophyma

An Alcoholic Nose – Why Do Alcoholics Have Big Noses?

Until today, experts believe that being an alcoholic may contribute to this skin disorder. Even though there is specific research that suggested this, quit drinking will save you from this skin disorder. Rosacea and rhinophyma are frequently common in men with fair skin and have European ancestry. If you’ve experienced this condition before and had cured it, you have a higher risk of getting attacked by the same skin condition in the future.

Alcohol abuse and skin disorder

As we have mentioned earlier, there is no strong evidence that specifically suggested heavy drinking was closely related to rosacea. However, alcoholism may expose chronic inflammation issues. It aggravates flare-ups. Thus, checking alcohol rehab near me would be a good idea to get rid of alcoholism.

If you already have a skin condition, alcohol abuse will worsen that condition since it enlarges the blood vessels. Some people also notice flushed shoulders and chest after drinking alcohol. However, each individual responds differently to alcohol consumption. 

Some of them may experience flare-ups after drinking while some are not. When you are living with rosacea or other inflamed skin conditions, it is better to avoid drinking alcohol and cooking with it – especially red wine for women. This information may help to answer your “why do alcoholics have big noses” question.

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