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Private Recovery Treatment

We understand that every individual has a unique story and situation. That’s why our all-inclusive addiction treatment is fully customised to meet your specific needs. When client arrive, we will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the best course of action for client. Our staff will then design a treatment plan, which they will personally aversee and adjust accordingly throughout client stay. We provide the following treatment services :


Because alcohol is widely, socially acceptable, unhealthy drinking behaviours often go unnoticed for some time.

Common signs of alcoholism include drinking more than you intend to on a regular basis, failed attempts to stop drinking, an increased alcohol tolerance, neglecting responsibilities because of alcohol use and feeling uncomfortable when you are unable to drink.

Though high-functioning alcoholism often leads people to believe their drinking is not a problem, alcohol abuse is very unsafe and can lead to physical injuries, health complications and interpersonal issues.


Drug addiction is a chronic, relapsing disorder that involves compulsive drug-seeking and drug use despite its undesirable effects on your life.

Drug addiction changes your brain’s function and structure, which can make it incredibly difficult to stop using without help.

Many people who try to quit eventually end up relapsing without proper treatment, education and aftercare.

Why residential treatment is the most effective way to overcome from addiction?

When making a major life change like reversing long-held patterns of substance abuse, it’s best to do so in an immersive way – and residential (also known as inpatient) addiction rehab provides just that.

While those in outpatient treatment still live at home during therapy, resulting in continued exposure to their old using environments and availability of drugs and alcohol, inpatient treatment offers a more complete experience.

You will be supported 24 hours a day by qualified addiction experts, so you never have to battle your addiction alone. And you will be an integral part of a community of sober peers who are dealing with similar struggles and are available to lend an open ear or helping hand whenever you need it.

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