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Some Medications to Treat Alcoholism

Some Medications to Treat Alcoholism

Currently, there are some medications which been approved by FDA to treat alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse as well. You should know that those medications are prescribed to people who are still drinking alcohol. Those medications use or those who have already stopped and try to maintain abstinence as well. There is no medication on the market which been prescribed for people who still drinking alcohol which causes them to stop drinking. They should stop drinking alcohol first and become the candidates for these treatments. Sometimes, someone who wants to stop looking for drugs to treat alcoholism

Using Antabuse (Disulfiram) as a drinking deterrent 

You should know that Antabuse was the first medicine that been approved as alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse treatment. It works by causing severe reactions when someone taking a medication consumes alcohol. Most people who drink it will vomit after drinking alcohol. Then it was considered as the deterrent to drinking. Initially, this medicine was given in the bigger dosage to produce the aversion conditioning toward alcohol and make a patient very sock if they drinking it. After getting severe reactions, then Antabuse was administered in a smaller dosage to support the alcohol abstinence as well.

Using Naltrexone for alcohol cravings

Some Medications to Treat Alcoholism

This medicine was sold under several brand names. This medicine is the extended-release which been monthly injectable form and it was marketed in trade name. It works in the brain by blocking the high level of people experiencing when they drinking alcohol and using opioids such as cocaine and heroin. Naltrexone was firstly developed in 1963 to treat opioids. Then it was approved in 1984 by the FDA to treat the use of drugs such as morphine, heroin, etc. Then the FDA has approved the use of naltrexone to treat alcohol use disorders in 1994. 

Using Campral for discomfort

Campral or acamprosate is the latest medication which been approved to treat alcoholism in the US. It works by lowering the physical distress and emotional discomfort when someone stops to drink alcohol. You should know that this medication will ease the withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, feeling blue, and so on – they can last for months after you stop drinking. This medicine will work by interacting with two chemical messenger systems inside your brain and when it works properly then it helps you to control the anxiety you feel when those cells are overexcited. You can get a health center with alcohol rehab near me.

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