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Why does Your Face Turn Red When You Drink Alcohol?

Why does Your Face Turn Red When You Drink Alcohol?

Some people may develop a distinctive facial flush after they drink alcohol. Their face can turn slightly or even very red. This thing makes you want to know about why do alcoholics have red faces? This side effect of alcohol is more common in people of East Asian descent. Although it does not cause immediate health issues, it is a signal of an increased risk of some serious health issues, such as high blood pressure or other types of cancer as well. 

How does it happen?

Why does Your Face Turn Red When You Drink Alcohol?

So, you should know that having a red face after drinking alcohol can be a symptom of high alcohol sensitivity. The facial flush after drinking alcohol is the symptom of high alcohol sensitivity. It means that their bodies are less tolerant of alcohol. All alcoholic drinks such as wine, beer, and other liquors contain the substance known as ethanol. 

After taking a drink, then your body starts to break down ethanol into other metabolites or substances to make it is easier to get out of your body. One of those metabolites is acetaldehyde which is very toxic for your body. When you drink alcohol in moderation, then your body can usually process those metabolites pretty well. However, when someone is sensitive to alcohol or taking too much alcohol, then his body can’t manage all of those toxic materials, then acetaldehyde starts to build up inside the body. 

The red facial happens when the blood vessels in the face get bigger as the response toward those toxins. For some people, it can happen even when they just take very little alcohol as well. You should know that acetaldehyde buildup can cause a rapid heartbeat and nausea and induce alcohol poisoning, these symptoms can cause the drinker to worry about how much they are consuming and can help the user to reduce. If you think that you also experience other alcohol side effects and that drinking is causing problems for you or your loved ones, then you may need to enter an alcohol rehab near me

Is it harmful? 

While that red flush is not hugely dangerous, it does indicate a higher risk of high blood pressure and other health issues. After taking several factors such as weight, smoking, age, and exercise into the picture, researchers found that a person who flushed after drinking has a significantly higher risk of high blood pressure and other alcohol based complications when they drank four or even more drinks per week, they found that this is also progressive so the longer you continue the worse the prolonged damage becomes, sadly a red face indicates the beginnings of an alcohol intolerance, and is a good call to action for the drinker to start asking themselves some honest questions about how alcohol is affecting their life and health, Thanks for reading and hope this answers your questions about why do alcoholics have red faces.

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